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The liberals are STILL at it. They tried every false argument they could think of in one of the most pitifully desperate attempts to win an election I've ever seen... still they lost... now, not only can they not stop whining about it- to the point of trying to move to our nearest socialist neighbor, Canada, they can't stop bringing up the same tired old arguments that the public saw right through during the election.

SHUT UP already, will ya?!!!

Those of us with working brain stems are sick as hell of listening to you libs as we are of hearing about Scott and Laci Peterson.

I was telling a friend in a letter the other day about my buying a "Rolling Stone" magazine from the impulse rack at the grocery the other night- for the first time in probably more than 20 years. Why? Because of the top left-hand margin headline, "Iraq on Fire- Dispatches From The Lost War" - an article by Janet Reitman.

Uh, 'scuse me... LOST? Ummmm... let's see now... let me think... WHO... er, that is WHAT dictator is it that now sits in jail and WHO is protecting the populace there while a "democratic" (more properly called a constitutional republic) is set up and elections are held. Hmmm... What's that? I'm not hearing an answer!!!!! Why? Because the libs know that saying we LOST the war is an absolute lie.

It is amazing to me that ALL the media- now even FOX News can talk about is how many soldiers were killed each day. Yes, in war, soldiers die. I'm sorry even one had to give their lives in the hope of keeping these Islamic murderers from killing other Muslims, but us as well. No one is talking at all about how AMAZING the job our military is doing at taking out these murderers in an urban war scene (that means fighting from building to building, folks- the worst kind of fighting a soldier wants to do, believe me) with practically surgical precision, in order to not kill civilians- just the cowards with the black bags over their heads. The problem is, figuring out just who is a civilian and who isn't- because they aren't all big enough cowards to wear black bags on their heads- but, some of them are big enough cowards to teach 12-year olds how to build specific types of bombs for different purposes... I watched a BBC documentary 2 weeks ago showing that very thing- oh those guys were wearing black bags on their heads- the children weren't- one of them handing an explosive to the 12 year-old and pointing him to a small hole in a wall an adult could not fit through, with the encouragement "See? This is perfect job for small boy." Now... Imagine you're an American soldier- are you likely to point your weapon at a child? No. And The cowards running the terrorists' show know that. Let the kids get blown up... They're expendable, after all, the big boys can always rape a few more women (I guess that's okay by Allah's standards, huh, guys?) and make a few more babies. Those are the kinds of animals we're up against.

Don't get me wrong- I do NOT see all Muslims like that- I have a good friend who is Muslim, and he is one of the kindest, sweetest, most generous of men I have ever known- he left the middle east himself after working for the Turkish police force- to remove his family from that insane, ridiculous, and  yes, savage environment-  a family who he adores and is strictly faithful to- because he did not want his family to live anywhere in the vacinity of animals like I described above. So he knew the one place to bring them was AMERICA!!! HELLO????

There are animals of all faiths- so don't judge me as prejudiced against Islam- there are plenty of Christians and those of other faiths that behave as animals as well- like bombing abortion clinics- but I digress.

The point I have been headed toward is that, as I stated earlier, that all the media can talk about is the death tally each day. Now think about this- Falluja is not just a lil' ol' camp full of tents and camels, folks. It's  (by our standards) a small city with murdering animal coward terrorists entrenched in it everywhere. NOBODY that I have heard reporting the news has reported it from the standpoint that our military has become so sophisticated- so skilled- that we have ONLY lost 135 brave soldiers to date as I write this- as I said  before- I truly grieve for just one- and their families- for giving all- the ultimate sacrifice- but in WWII for instance, we would likely have lost THOUSANDS taking a place like Falluja. Why aren't we celebrating the POSITIVE THINGS about what has been accomplished therewhile recognizing the sacrifices?  Because the lib media doesn't want it that way- especially before election, now they're sore about losing the  election, they are going to still try to make the current administration look like a bunch of idiotic goombas, thinking somehow they will win public favor through their insults and negative reporting. Most probably never having been through the terrifying experience of battle- not to mention never having been through the level and rigor of training our fighting men and women must now endure to be included in our forces. The training our service men and women receive is probably the most rigorous, detailed training of any of the armed forces in the world- if ANYBODY can get the job done- THEY can.

The thing that I find most frustrating with the liberals and most media is how short their memories are... after the horror of 9/11,  George W. Bush stood up in front of the entire nation and SAID that this "war against terrorism" was going to be long and protracted- and would likely not have a definite end, due to the fact that it was basically a war against evil, and no one can kill evil, sadly, it will always be with us. All we can do is fight it.

The Arab nation has repeatedly tried to blame other nations for their woes. They always bring up not having a Palestinian state. Well, gee... why not? They have re-written history to make it look like Israel is at fault. They  (Israel) aren't. All they have been doing is defending themselves. After WWII, the UN set aside territories for BOTH Israel AND Palestine... but that wasn't good enough for the selfish Arab states- who, like Hitler, want all Jews dead- so  what happened to Palestine? EGYPT and JORDAN took it over, folks NOT Israel. Why? because it would give them a good high-ground firing position to kill Jews from... thus the 1967 war.

You see now how tangled this all gets? Number one, people don't know their history, so, number two, it is easy for the liberals to blame George Bush for all of the ills and death in the Middle East. In the meantime, the libs like to complain about the U.S. not paying their U.N. dues. Uh, well, we provided the building, and as I say repeatedly we are almost ALWAYS shouldered with sacrificing OUR young people's lives and the costs of any military operations to fix problems in the world. Americans have paid MORE than their dues- over and over and over and over- in money and in blood- simply because the rest of the world can't learn to play nice with the other children. And don't even get me started on the lib complaints about oil  supply.

I got so sick of hearing John Kerry say "The wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time"... huh... okay, Mister bragging medal hog... WHAT war IS the RIGHT war in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time? Hmm?

No one YET has admitted that the Bush administration is still cleaning up the Clintons' mess. I watched a CIA field operative who was working in Afghanistan SAY that the people he was working with in the field HAD Osama Bin Laden nailed- and when asked for permission to take him out, the response from Clinton was basically "tied up with other more important matters"- at the time this operative made the contact- what were those matters? Trying to cover up getting blow-jobs from a young girl underneath the desk in the oval office.

The liberals had better start facing it- crap like that has stacked up and people are sick of it.

So, to all of you liberals out there... start re-thinking YOUR thinking- and stop your damn whining- and do the RIGHT thing for once- start looking at who is best equipped to look after THIS nations security and stop worrying about what other countries- especially those who where illegally helping Hussein- think.

And then for God's sake, shut the hell up, and face the music as it has been  said... you were- and are- wrong. Deal with it. 'nuff said.

 --The Bell Ringer

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Where are the feminists NOW?

Copyright 2004, The Bell Ringer

Watching the GHASTLY things done to women in some middle-eastern contries... it occurred to me: where in the fu$%^ng hell are the feminists? Huh? 

By their silence I assume that they SUPPORT governments that machine-gun a woman in the back of the head... if her husband just SAYS she committed adultery.... must be handy, if yo' woman don't give you the blow job you want... to be able to get rid of her so easily, huh?

But where are the feminists? Aren't they supposed to be all about equal rights for women? Where are they? Aren't they the ones carrying the banners exposing crimes like forced prostitution, etc., in other countries?

Oh wait... I forgot.... Feminists have become the willing robot-WHORES of the democratic party.

Never mind. I understand now. Sometimes I just have to type it all out before it makes sense to me.

--The Bell Ringer

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