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Welcome to my firearms page. Here I present essays and links to firearms particularly revolvers and semi-automatics as they pertain to home and self defense.

If you are looking for political discussion on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, see my Firearms - Politicalpage.

If you are looking for dates in history and court cases that bear on the RKBA, see my Important Dates page.

My personal philosophy on firearms.

How to choose a defense weapon

CCW Statistics, State and National, 1996-7

My Instant Check Proposal for Criminal Background checks

An alternative to the background check using a state drivers license.

Personal reviews of concealed carry guns I have owned or used

1995 Gun Deaths by Age / Comparison to other Causes

World Wide Web Gun Defense Clock


Essay on Why Carry? - Massad Ayoob
The Value of Civilian Arms Possession as a Deterrent Against Crime or Defense Against Crime - Don B. Kates, Jr
Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America - Gary Kleck - Summary of the findings in his book
Crime, Self Defense and the Right to Carry a Handgun - Jeffrey R. Snyder; Cato Institute

Arizona Firearms Statutes

Arizona Revised Statutes - Searchable Index
13-3102 - Misconduct involving weapons, Defense, classification, definition.
13-3108 - Firearms regulated by state; state pre-emptions.
13-3112 - CCW Carry Concealed Weapon Permit

Armed Self Defense Organizations

AWARE - Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment
AWSDA - American Women's Self Defense Association
Paxton Quigley's Home Page - Paxton is the author of Armed and Female.

Firearms Self Defense Schools

Defense Training International, Inc. - John Farnum travels across the country and so his classes would be conducted in various locations. He can be reached through his website.
Frontsight Firearms Training Institute - Their site is still under construction
Self Defense Firearms Training - Greg Block's school is located in Huntington Beach, CA.
Gunsite Schools - A firearms defense and usage school. One of the best. Gunsite Training Center is located 26 miles north of Prescott, Arizona on more than 1000 acres of rolling juniper hills. Active facilities include ten pistol ranges, seven rifle ranges, and six shotgun ranges. A 180 degree swing is available on the pistol ranges, along with 360 degrees in the indoor reaction ranges. Firing distances can be varied from arms length to 2800 meters.
Lethal Force Institute - This is Massad Ayoob's school for firearms self defense. Massad is an outstanding orator when he is on this subject which is very close to his heart. His classes are given across the country. Please check the website for schedules to find one in your area.
Plus P Firearms Defense School - This school is located in the Minneapolis, MN area with a soon-to--be-opened branch in Rochester.
Roger's Shooting School - The Rogers Shooting School is located in the beautiful north Georgia mountains near the town of Ellijay. It is about a 90 minute drive from the Atlanta airport.
SP Wenger's Defensive Use of Firearms. A site with a lot of links, information and put together by a friend of mine.
Thunder Ranch - Famous gun training school located in Mountain Home, TX

Specific Firearm Pages

Aro-Tek - A combat specialty company dedicated to improvement of the Glock series of firearms.
Beretta HP
Browning Home Page - See lots of fine Browning firearms
EAA - European American armory Corp. Maker of the Witness handgun.
Glock by Goran - An unofficial Glock Page
Glockmeister - A Glock parts and Service Page
Glock Online - A real cult follows these firearms.
GlockWorks - A Glock customizing shop.
(Another) Glock Page- See, what I mean. These are like fan club pages. :^)
Heritage Arms - Makers of the Stealth semi-auto.
IAI = Israel Arms - Rifles and handguns.
Kahr Arms Home Page - One of the most ergonomic handguns in the world in 9mm & .40 S&W
Kel-Tec - Makers of the P-11 Self Defense pistol and the Sub-9 folding rifle.
The Machine Works - Specializing in muzzle attachments for the Swedish Mauser - This is a young man who is trying to make a buck while learning a trade. Let's give him all the support that we can since he is starting out in our industry.
Norinco -
ParaOrdnance - Excellent firearms based on the 1911-A1 model including a fine .45ACP concealable about the size of your hand.
Rossi Firearms - Inexpensive, while quite good, copies of S&W revolvers from the Boys in Brazil
Sako -
SigArms - Excellent firearms from Germany/Switzerland and the US.
Smith & Wesson Firearms Home Page
Sturm Ruger - Makers of the fabulous SP-101 and the GP-100 to name a couple of my personal favorites.
Taurus Firearms - This is a company whose reputation for fine revolvers and pistols grows day by day.
Wilson Combat Firearms - Completely accurized .45 ACP handguns based on the Colt 1911A1.


Black Hills Ammo - Ammo for Cowboy Shooting
Corbon - Considered by many to be the best defensive handgun ammo in the world
Federal Cartridge - Makers of the Hydro-Shok defensive ammo
Hornady - For those of you who handload.
Remington Ammunition - They make the Golden Sabre for self defense.
Triton - IMHO, this is the best self-defense handgun ammunition available.
Winchester Ammo - Silvertip defense ammunition


Active Body Holster Co. - Makers of a concealed carry rig similar in concept to Thunderwear or other belly band holsters.
AKJ Concealco - Maker of fine holsters for concealed carry that may be set up for either hand
Always-Armed - Nylon holsters to fit your Glock, Beretta, Colt, Makarov, 1911, Ruger, Sigma, Taurus, etc..
Bell Charter Oak Holsters - Holsters available for revolvers and autoloaders as well as a pocket holster for 2" J and D frame revolvers.
Bianchi Products - Holsters, purses, etc..
Blade-Tech - Makers of holsters and sheaths of Kydex and knives.
Brown's Holsters - David Brown's website . He is a maker of fine Kydex holsters and sheaths at a very reasonable price.
Concealed Carry Clothiers - Makers of vest that carries a concealed handgun in its own gun pocket. Comes in choices of several colors.
Del Fatti Leather - One man custom shop specializing in molded leather holsters for most popular revolvers and semiautos. You can get thumb snap or open top. He makes some holsters for short barreled revolvers that are designed especially for the female shooter.
De Santis Gunhide - Maker of Kydex holsters that are now available with thumb break straps. Reasonable prices.
Don Hume - Leather and Kydex holsters for a wide range of firearms.....both revolvers and semiautos.
FIST - Custom holsters and belts for all types of firearms..
Fobus USA - Several models of holsters for many handgun models including a new design that allows the holster to rotate 360 degrees to accomodate 40 different draw positions in one holster. Fobus holsters are made of injection molded polymer.
Galco Co. - Several types of holsters and purses for concealed carry. Holsters are available in Armortek (a version of Kydex) as well as the leather holsters they have become known for.
Derry Gallagher - Specialist in bench-made horsehide holsters. Models available for most popular defensive handgun brands and their clones. He also makes pocket holsters for small Colts and Berettas.
Goody's Gun Leather - New site that Mark "Goody" Roe is getting up and running. He is a lefty shooter himself so all of his holsters are available in both left and right hand versions.
Gould & Goodrich - They make holsters for SoB, left hand, right hand and crossdraw for most autoloaders and revolvers.
Gun Leather - All leather holsters that include shoulder rigs, paddle holsters, slide and pancake designs as well as a number of visible duty holsters.
GunVideo - Maker of Belly Band concealment system.
Haugen Handgun Leather - Reasonably priced holsters available from a leathermaker in Bismark, North Dakota. He makes Western style, IWB, crossdraw for almost all guns from Cowboy through all popular makes to Walther PPK.
Hellwig Ltd - Maker of fine holsters for concealment.
High Noon Holsters - Makers of several different leather holsters including shoulder, slides, IWB, pocket and belt holster with diffrent degrees of rake depending on your mood. They also have some magazine holders.
Kirkpatrick Leather - A designer of Western style rigs now offers a number of concealment rigs. They make SoB, crossdraw, belt and slide holsters for both large frame and small frame autoloaders.
Kramer Holsters - One of the first makers of horsehide concealable holsters. They make IWB, SoB, belt, pocket and ankle holsters for a large number of semiautos and revolvers. They also include a shoulder holster that can put the firearm either horizontal or slightly butt down to facilitate a faster draw. This is the only holster that Kramer makes that has a standard thumb strap.
Magills - A catalog company that sells mostly on the internet. They have a bellyband type concealment belt that is about 4" wide, has two gun pockets, a document pocket and a spare magazine pouch. It will acomodate most medium and small frame revolvers and semiautos.
Michael's of Oregon - This is a maker of holsters for IWB or belt carry. Their holsters are made from Kydex or a thinner laminate material called Cordura. They also make pocket holsters and gun packs.
Milt Sparks Holster, Inc. - My personal favorite holster maker. *Nobody* makes a more comfortable IWB than their Executive Companion.
Safariland - Safariland has more than two dozen concealment holsters in their model line.
Strong Holster Co. - Strong offers a full range of products for concealed carry of semi-auto pistols including paddle, pancake and shoulder holsters.
Tauris Holsters - Maker of several types of holsters.
Ted Blocker Holsters - A couple of his designs will conceal revolvers with barrels as long as 7 inches. He makes belt holsters, shoulder holsters and speedloader/magazine holders for both revolvers and semiauto handguns.
Thunderbelt - Another maker of a concealable holster in the Thunderwear/belly band tradition.
Thunderwear - The original(?) or at least the best known of the belly band type holsters for concealed carry.
Wild Bill HolstersThis maker has a Basic Slide Holste which is designed for virtually any handgun in production. It may be ordered with FBI cant, crossdraw or SoB style. They have an Undercover IWB designed for flat pistols such as a Kahr K9. BTW, they also make a rig that will conceal an MP-5k for those of you who have one.

Gunsmithing, Accessories, Grips, Etc.

Aro-Tek HP - Glock add-ons
Barstow Barrels - Well made replacement barrels for Glocks and others
Beast Enterprises - Geoff Beneze's gunsmithing shop specializing in 1911A1s, Ching Rings and slings for the Scout, Dillon Presses and RKBA issues.
Clark's Custom Guns - A company that specializes in customizing and reworking of 1911A1s
Crimson Trace Corp - Makers of Lasergrips - laser sighting systems for your handgun.
Dillon Precision Products - Excellent line of handloading quipment, holsters etc.
Gunlocker - This is a company that makes a handgun cabinet, with a four digit combination lock, that plugs into your wall between two studs just like medicine cabinet. Just the thing for fast silent access to your handgun while keeping it away from your children.
Gun Vault - Maker of firearms security boxes for the home.
Hogue Grips Maker of fine grips for fitting your handguns to your hand while reducing felt recoil.
King's Gunworks - Pistolsmiths specializing in 1911A1 parts.
Mac's Shooting Irons Restorations - This fella will refinish your old or new firearm with a "moly" coating that contains molydenum sulphide, does not reflect light, prevents rust and requires no oily wipe downs. Perfect for CCW as it does not attract contaminants or interact with sweat. Choose from Gunkote, Parkerizing or Mac's own Tuff-Gun process in several different colors including multi-tones and camouflage. He does handguns, rifles, shotguns and some accessories. Check out the site for pictures of some of his wares.
Pachmayr Grips - World renowned maker of grips for reducing felt recoil while keeping your aim on target.
Pearce Grips - A company that makes aftermarket grips and extensions for several pistols including the baby Glocks.
Sierra Bullets - Excellent bullet source for handloaders.
USA Handgun & Rifle Magazines
Wolff Springs - Make your good feeling firearm feel even better!

Things That Are Important But Really Don't Fit Anywhere Else :^)

SafetyOn - SafetyOn is a state-of-the-art multimedia CD-ROM on firearm safety and responsible gun ownership. Unlike a "shooting game", SafetyOn is a fascinating and highly educational program that covers literally every aspect of marksmanship and gun safety. Responsible firearm ownership demands not only safe gun handling habits, but secure firearm storage, to keep firearms out of criminal or irresponsible hands. SafetyOn will explain both of these in great detail... and much more.


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