Communist Front Organizations, 1935-1970

Abraham Lincoln Brigade
American Association of Scientific Workers
Association of University Professors
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) 1963-1970
American Committee for Spanish Freedom
American Common 
American Council on Public Relations
American Counicl on Soviet Relations
American Labor Party
American League Against Wars & Fascism
American Peace Mobilization
American People's Mobilization Committee
American Society for Spanish Democracy
American Society of Architectural Hardware Consultants
American Writers
American Youth Congress
American Youth for Democracy 
Americans for Democratic Action
Americans for Traditional Liberties
Americans United for World Organization 
Anti-Defamation League
Association for Study of Negro Life

Bill of Rights Committee
Book Find Club & Businessman's Committee on Vietnam

Civil Rights Congress
Committee for Academic Freedom
Committee For Armenian Relief
Committee for Free Asia & Committee of 430
Committees of Writers for Peace 
Congress of American-Soviet Friendship
Congress of American Women
Council on African Affairs
Council of American Interests
Council for Democracy
Council on Books in Wartime

Daily News
DuBois Boys Club
Descendants of American Revolution 

East & West Association
Emergency Civil Liberties Committee
Exile Writers Committee

Fact vs Fiction
Federated Press
Federation of Architects 
Followers of the Trail
Foreign Policy Assn
Fortean Society
Freedom House
Free Europe Inc
Friend of Democracy
Friends of Soviet Union

Genius Inc
Goodwill Committee for Italian Relief

Highlander Folk School

Institute for American Democracy 
Institute of Pacific Relations 
Institute of Propaganda Analysis 
Institute of Propaganda Analysis Bulletin 
Institute of Propaganda Analysis Publications 
Institute of Propaganda Analysis Publications
Institute of Public Affairs 
International Labor Defense
International Workers Order Inc
Interprofessional Association for Social Insurance

Jefferson School of Social Science 
Jehovah's Witness
Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee

Keep American Out of War Committee

Labor Research Association
League for Fair Play
League for Mutual Aid
League for Peace & Democracy
League of American Writers
League of Mutual Aid
League of Southern Labor
League of Women Shoppers
League of Women Voters
Longevity Research Foundation

Methodist Federation for Social Action
Mothers of the US

National Labor & Religion Foundation
National Lawyers Guild 
National Maritime Union
National Negro Congress
National Planning Association
National Public Housing Conference 
National Research League of Chicago
National Science Fund
Nature Friends of America 
National Anti-War Congress
National Committee of the Communist Party 
National Committee of the Progressive Party
National Committee on Morals
National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act
National Coordinating Committee to End War in Vietnam
National Council of American Business
National Council or Curve Responsibility
National Defense League
National Issues Committee
Negro Freedom Rally
Negro Labor Victory Committee
New School for Social Research 

Officers of Freedom House

People's Lobby
Physician's Forum
Pioneer Youth of America
Press Research
Progressive Labor Party
Public Affair Institute 
Public Affairs Committee 

Ralph Wardlaw Club
Russian War Relief

Sailor's Lobby
Southern California Peace Crusade
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)

Teachers Committee for Peace in Vietnam

Union for Democratic Action 
United Americans of Italian Origin
United Parents Assn

Veterans of the Lincoln Brigade

War Registers
World Action Committee
Women's Delegation for Peace
Women's Volunteers
Workers Defense League
World Youth Congress
Writer's Congress 

Young Communist League
Young Socialist Alliance