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--Where's Mexico?
According to the Sept. 22 issue of The Economist, "Americans living in Mexico wonder aloud why the country has held no official memorial ceremony or mass vigils as Canada and some European countries have."

Shockingly, many Mexicans, "notably well-educated, well-off ones," the Economist reports, excuse their failure to express sorrow by saying the U.S. simply got what it deserves.  "It isn't our fight," they say. "They had it coming for all the things they've done to the rest of the world." Others remark, "Now they know what a real disaster feels like."

According to one poll, barely 22 percent of Mexicans would support contributing troops to any military reprisal for the attack, and only 31 percent would support sending any aid.

--More CIA Revelations – Political Correctness Kills

P.C. thinking dominated all the activities of the CIA; employees were regularly hit with a barrage of Orwellian P.C. workshops and literature explaining how they needed to be, "sensitive and open to diversity."

One CIA employee, told of a CIA sensitivity training seminar: the presenter, an expert in diversity, gave a Powerpoint presentation on the benefits of diversity. One slide showed an American Indian sitting on the ground working with beads. The presenter explained: "American Indians have a long tradition working with beads. They are good with beads, and they have, in modern times, become good working with wires."

Another slide showed an African-American professional sitting at an office cubicle on the phone. The presenter explained: "African-Americans are particularly sensitive to being interrupted while on the phone. You should avoid doing this." 

-Taliban leader says those who help US may "be considered enemies"

TEHRAN, Sept 28 (AFP) - The leader of Afghanistan's ruling Taliban militia, Mullah Mohammad Omar, said countries which help the United States in any military action against his country may "be considered enemies," in an interview with an Iranian newspaper.

From Member of Parliament, UK: 
"...May?  May HELL, Definitely Consider us your Enemies you Despicable Thug!"

-WASHINGTON - Sen. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., Played Key Role in Closing Down CIA Ops
Current and former CIA operatives say that Clinton administration policies, which forbade the CIA from recruiting known terrorists and other criminals, left the U.S. government bereft of all intelligence about such terrorist groups. 

It is aleaged that he made secrets public at the behest of left-wing activist Bianca Jagger, his girlfriend at the time.

-New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli, the Senator Who Helped Tie CIA’s Hands is Now Castigating Agency for Intelligence Failures.-----In an arrogant display of unmitigated gall, Torricelli told CNN that he wants to set up a special committee to learn just what went wrong with the CIA, when it was his own actions that helped emasculate the agency and thus guarantee future intelligence failures.

--Rabid dog "Osama," bites 52 people in three-hour rampage
A rabid dog, who answered to "Osama," has gone on a rampage in Bangkok and bitten over 50 people in three hours. It was eventually caught and beaten to death by city  guards.

In the Spirit of pulling together:
U.S. Rep. Martin T. Meehan (D-MA) scoffed at reports Air Force One was targeted by terrorists - the reason Bush aides have put forth to explain why the president delayed his return to Washington after Tuesday's attack on the Pentagon. 'I don't buy the notion Air Force One was a target,' said Meehan. 'That's just PR. That's just spin'...

This from a man who evacuated the Capital from a nonexistent bomb. 

Meehan, who stressed he did not want to sharply criticize Bush given the current crisis, noted that Bush is relatively inexperienced as president, having been in office less than a year. 

Gee, let's us--for a brief moment--imagine you-know-who in place of President Bush...    time's up

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In the Spirit of pulling together:
U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) was the only member of Congress to vote against using force on the terrorists.
-Rep. Barbara Lee the Appeaser

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-NCCI Holdings Inc., of Boca Raton, Florida Bans Old Glory From Offices

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-Bill Maher, Politically Incorrect, calls U.S. cowardly; "staying in the airplane is not cowardly."
Federal Express ordered its ads removed from the ABC late-night series Politically Incorrect on Tuesday after the show's host referred to recent U.S. military actions as "cowardly."

Talk about an IDIOT with a death wish...!

-New York's Cablevision Bans American Flag
New York's Cablevision Corp., owner of Cable News Channel 12, has actually banned the American flag from news programming. 

_Brokaw: Bush, GOP Deserve as Much Blame as Clinton for Terror Attacks
How damn sad, it didn't take long for the partisan Weasels to slither out from under their Rocks.

-U.S. to Test Missile at Kwajalein in Marshall Islands
 The United States plans to go ahead with a missile test in the Marshall Islands on Friday night.
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