--------NMD: Planning for the FUTURE is fraught with Obstacles, A.K.A., Democrats!
ABMs will never work. 

No way it can get all the incoming missiles; so why even try...

NMD goes against the the 1972 ABM treaty we have with the [former] U.S.S.R.

Sen. Carl Levin of D/MI: "...more likely a foreign enemy would strike through terrorism than deliver a nuclear missile attack."

Joseph Biden D/DE: "I'm worried about NMD, the whole Star Wars stuff." 

Daschle: "allocation of tens of billions [for NMD] is repugnant."

Why defend against ICBMs, when suitcase bombs are available, NMD couldn't do anything to stop them.

Common theme:
Opponents don't seem to know the difference between the concept of "OR" verses "AND".

Their arguments are always "this OR that;" NEVER "this AND that." This stratergy does seem to work with the slow among us. 

North Korea: 
  "Our missiles can hit all of U.S."

   ''There is no shelter for Bush.''  Nor the rest of us. 

   "We'll put a torch to New York."

QUESTION: Do we [now] need NMD?
Synonyms: "Quisling," "Daschle," & "Democrats."