Regardless of what happens on the ground in IRAQ (or anywhere else), perceptions will Prevail. 

Perceptions that are the product of the Facts being "Filtered / Distorted" by organs like Al-Jazeera  et al.--It is a Classic case of "Wag the Dog."

Middle East Media is an amalgam of western technology, and lessons learned from, and taught by,  the left wing US and European Media. 

Put another way, they Beat the Crap out of the Truth until it is Unrecognizable, and fits their  Agenda.  In every case: The TRUTH is DOA.

We may Win the War, but the Iraqis could lose a Democracy.

Media power was demonstrated by Walter Cronkite's stating the U.S. had lost the Tet Offensive.   The TRUTH was, the U.S. won it decisively; but because he was "the most trusted man in  America," his statement stood as the Truth. That was the beginning of the End.

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Whenever the US and the Coalition does anything, the Weenies of the World gush about the Effect it will have on the, so called, "Arab Street."

Has it ever occurred to these Morons that the Arab Street, is Powerless?

The Truth is--of course--all of the Arab Street's actions are Correographed by those in power.

Since there are NO Democracies in the Middle East, no governments there ever consider "Popular Sentiments."     --Duh!